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Idaho Court Administrative Rules (I.C.A.R.)

Rules Governing the Administration and Supervision of the Unified and Integrated Idaho Judicial System. 

Purpose and Designation of Rules-

These rules are for the purpose of administering and supervising the unified and integrated Idaho judicial system by the Supreme Court pursuant to Article V, Section 2, of the Constitution of the State of Idaho. These rules shall supplement all other rules of procedure adopted by the Supreme Court and may be abbreviated as the "Idaho Court Administrative Rules," (I.C.A.R.). 

> Idaho Supreme Court Extended Access Order (Rev. 04/2016)
> Law Enforcement and Prosecutor Access to Shielded Cases



Part I. Service by Magistrates

1. Practice of law prohibited.

2. Removal of magistrates without cause.

3. Discipline and removal of magistrates.

4. Pro tempore trial judges by agreement.

5. Civil Jurisdiction of Magistrates; Assignment of Cases.

5.1. Criminal Jurisdiction of Magistrates; Assignment of Cases.

6. Special Assignment to Magistrates.

7. Enlargement of Cases Assignable.

8. Transfer.

9. - 10. [Reserved.]



Part II. Disposition of Fines, Costs, Forfeitures and Fees

11. Disposition of bail bond forfeitures in misdemeanor charges.

12. Repealed 7/1/2004.

13. - 20. [Reserved.]



Part III. Reporting of Court Proceedings

21. Certification of district court reporters.

22. Special examination by certified shorthand reporters board.

23. Notes, files and records - Property of the district court.

24. Temporary court reporters.

25. Reporting of proceedings in the magistrates division.

26. Expenses of Court Reporters.

27. Attendance of court reporters in district court.

28. Supervision of court reporters - performance of duties. 

29. Filing of transcripts and extensions of time.

30. [Reserved.]



Part IV. Court Records Required; Preservation, Destruction, or Disposition of
Court Records

31. Records kept by the clerk of the district court.

32. Records of the judicial department - Examination, inspection and copying - Exemption from and limitations on disclosure.

33. Withdrawal of Files.

34. - 36. [Reserved.]

37. Preservation, destruction, or disposition of trial court records and property - Civil actions.

38. Preservation, destruction and disposition of trial court records and property - Criminal actions and infractions.

39. Destruction of recordings.

40. Appellate court records.



Part V. Other Court Standards and Procedures

41. Court facilities.

41.1 Clerk's Office and Orders by Clerk.

42. Administrative Judge - Selection, Term and Duties.

43. Trial court administrators.

43a. Administrative Conference

43b. Memorandums of agreement and memorandums of understanding

44. Nonjudicial Days.

45. Cameras in the courtroom.

46. Cameras in the courtroom - guidelines. (see 46a and 46b below)

46a. Cameras in the Supreme Court courtroom.

46b. Cameras in the courtroom during terms of the court outside of Boise. 

47. Criminal History Checks.

48. Emergency Closure of Court Operations - Record of Closure - Disaster Emergency Plan.

49. Electronic devices in court facilities. 

50. Policy Relating to Services Provided to People with Disabilities.

51. Effective date.

52. Court Interpreters Policy Declaration. 

53. Court Assistance Services.

54. Guardianships and Conservatorships.

54.1 Ex Parte Communication.


54.2 Guardianship Reports.

54.3 Conservator Reports. 

54.4 Visitor Reports.

54.5 Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Evaluation Committee Reports.

54.6. Professional Guardian and Conservator Certification. 

55. Drug Courts and Mental Health Courts.

56. Cost Recovery Fee Schedule for Family Court Services.

57. Time standards for case processing.

58. Assignment of resident chambers. (Suspended)

59. Vexatious Litigation.





Part VI. Jury Service and Jury Trial Procedures

60. Policy Regarding Jury Selection.

60.1 Definitions.

60.2 Random Selection Procedures.

61. Source Lists for Master Jury Lists.

61.1 County Master Jury List Created by a County Jury Commission - Elimination of Duplicate Names; Updating Lists.

61.2 Supreme Court Master Jury List Divided into County Master Jury Lists - Elimination of Duplicate Names.

61.3 Master Jury Lists Available for Public Inspection.

62. Qualification of Prospective Jurors and Summons Process.

62.1 Eligibility for Jury Service.

62.2 Selection of Assigned Trial/Grand Jury Panel from Term of Service Panel.

63. Exemption, Excuse and Postponements from Jury Service.

64. Credit for Jury Service.

64.1 Limitation on Required Jury Service.

65. Orientation of Trial Jurors.

66. Trial Interruptions - Jury Deliberations

67. Retention Periods for Jury Papers and Records.

68. Reimbursement for Lengthy Trial Jury Compensation.



Part VII. Preservation of Evidence

71. Exhibits.

72. Discipline, removal, or involuntary retirement of a justice or judge. 



Part VIII. Qualifications for Court Approved Rosters.

73. Qualifications of Civil Mediators.

74. Registration of Private Civil Litigation Evaluators.

75. Domestic Violence Evaluators; Advisory Board.



Part IX. Guardian Ad Litem Grant Program.

91. Guardian ad Litem Program Grant Administration



Part X. Procedural Rules for Commitments to the Director of the Department of Health and Welfare.

100. Hospitalization of Mentally Ill, Detention Without a Hearing




Appendix A to Rule 62 - Juror Qualification Questionnaire. Word / PDF

Appendix B to Rule 68 - Application for Lengthy Trial Juror Compensation Reimbursement. Word / PDF

As the Third Branch of Government, we provide access to justice through the timely, fair, and impartial resolution of cases.


Members of the
Idaho Supreme Court

Chief Justice G Richard Bevan
Justice Robyn M. Brody
Justice Gregory W. Moeller
Justice Colleen D. Zahn
Justice Cynthia K.C. Meyer

Members of the
Idaho Court of Appeals

Chief Judge David W. Gratton
Judge Molly J Huskey
Judge Jessica M. Lorello
Judge Michael P. Tribe



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