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Idaho Court Administrative Rule 61.1. County Master Jury List Created by a County Jury Commission – Elimination of Duplicate Names; Updating Lists.


(a) Unless using a county master jury list provided by the Supreme Court derived from the statewide master jury list, the jury commission of each county shall compile and maintain a county master jury list from the source lists as provided in Rule 61 above.


(b) The jury commission shall eliminate duplication of names on the county master jury list before selection of names for the term of service panel. Any duplicates subsequently discovered, including during the qualification process, shall be removed from the list when discovered.


(c) The county master jury list shall be updated from time to time as determined by the jury commissioner, but not less frequently than December of each odd-numbered year. The manner of updating shall include any changes, deletions, and additions of names from the source lists, emptying and refilling anew from the source lists, or using both such methods.



(Adopted November 17, 2021, effective January 1, 2022.)

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