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Download the Data Request Form here


Members of the public are welcome to submit data requests for compiled data of the Idaho Courts by downloading and submitting the Data Request Form provided here.

ICAR 32(b)(10) “Compiled Data Information" means information that is derived from the selection, aggregation or reformulation by the court of some of the information from more than one individual court record.”


Please Note: Requests to examine any individual court record must be made to the custodian of the record.  Please refer to ICAR 32(j)(2) to identify the custodian.

ICAR (j)  Request for Records. 
“(1) Any person desiring to inspect, examine or copy physical records shall make an oral or written request to the custodian.  If the request is oral, the custodian may require a written request.”


Completed forms can be submitted by clicking on the “Submit Form” button provided at the bottom of the form or by emailing the completed form to


All data requests will be reviewed under guidance from Idaho Court Administrative Rule 32 ( which governs the examination of the records of the Judicial Department.


Specifically ICAR 32(f) provides the following guidance in regards to requests for compiled information:

“Compiled Information.  Any member of the public may request copies of existing compiled information that consists solely of information that is not exempt from disclosure. Case management reports and information shall be exempt from disclosure until final approval by the Supreme Court of the advancing justice time standards. In addition, the Supreme Court may compile and provide the information if it determines, in its discretion, that the resources are available to compile the information and that it is an appropriate use of public resources. The Supreme Court may delegate to its staff the authority to make the initial determination as to whether to provide the compiled information.

Compiled information that includes information to which public access has been restricted may be requested from the Supreme Court by any member of the public.

The request shall:


(1) identify what information is sought,
(2 ) describe the purpose for requesting the information and explain how the information will benefit the public interest or public education, and
(3) explain provisions for the secure protection of any information requested to which public access is restricted or prohibited."


Please note that all data requests go through an approval process and compiling information can be time consuming so please submit requests well in advance as some requests may take several weeks to complete. In addition, ISC staff may contact you directly with additional questions and clarifications. Finally, submitting this form does not guarantee the data will be provided. Data requests may be denied due to privacy concerns, legal reasons, time constraints, and other considerations.

As the Third Branch of Government, we provide access to justice through the timely, fair, and impartial resolution of cases.


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