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Roster of Idaho's Vexatious Litigants

Each of the individuals listed on this roster has been found to be a vexatious litigant and is subject to a prefiling order. This means that either the Idaho Supreme Court or the Administrative District Judge in one of Idaho’s seven judicial districts has issued an order under Idaho Court Administrative Rule (I.C.A.R) 59 stating: 

(1) that the person has been found to be a vexatious litigant as defined in I.C.A.R 59; and 
(2) that the person is prohibited from filing any new litigation pro se (that is, without being represented by a lawyer), unless that person has first obtained leave of a judge of the court where the litigation would be filed. 

Any litigation filed in violation of such an order may be dismissed by the court, and the violation of the order may be punished as a contempt of court. If you are named as a party in any litigation filed in violation of a prefiling order, you may file a notice with the court drawing attention to that violation. Duplication of names is common, and care should be taken to be sure that the person who has filed the litigation is in fact the person who has been declared to be a vexatious litigant. Please review I.C.A.R 59 for more information.


Last Name Suffix First Name Middle Other Known
Names Used
Order Date Notes:
Anderton   Bardell Joseph   August 24, 2013

Bannock County, Case No. CV-2012-638

Bannock County, Case No. CV-2012-2376

Bannock County, Case No. CV-2013-348


Andoe   Johnny Ray   June 24, 2015

Jerome County, Case No. CV-2015-501


Bettwieser   Martin     March 3, 2020

Ada County Case No. CV01-20-08860

> Prefiling Order







April 6, 2020

Twin Falls County Case No. CV42-20-884

> Amended Prefiling Order





December 14, 2020

Supreme Court Docket No. 47886-2020

Teton County, Case No. CV41-19-0212

> Prefiling Order






November 6, 2017

Valley County Case No. CV-2017-115

> Prefiling Order

Conerly   Detrick     April 6, 2020

Twin Falls County Case No. CV42-20-884

> Amended Prefiling Order

Davis   Steven     June 5, 2018

Washington County, Case No. CV-2018-1019

> Prefiling Order

Eliopulos   Petros     August 16, 2016

Ada County, Case No. CVOT-2016-05355

> Prefiling Order

Hajro   Mirsad     January 11, 2022

Canyon County, Case No. CV14-21-8001

> Order

Hart   Alan     August 15, 2023

Boise County, Case No. CV08-23-00179

> Prefiling Order

Hunt   Tatiana     July 10, 2020

Ada County, Case No. ADMIN01-20-231

> Prefiling Order

Hyde-Rhodes   Kimberly     April 7, 2020

Jefferson County, Case No. CV26-20-0213

> Prefiling Order

> Admin Order

Jensen   Peter C.   July 17, 2019

Bonner County, Case No. CV09-18-1544

> Prefiling Order

Kerr   Terry     November 30, 2016

Bonneville County, Case No. CV-2016-6054

> Order


  Praveen     December 19, 2018

Nez Perce County, Case No. CV35-18-2087

> Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Order

> Supreme Court Docket No. 46652


  John     April 6, 2020

Twin Falls County, Case No. CV42-20-884

> Amended Prefiling Order


  Franklin Ward   February 26, 2015

Twin Falls County, Case No. CV-2014-4907

> Prefiling Order

Padden   Fredric S.   October 13, 2013

Minidoka County, Case No. CV-2013-0817

> Order

Pandrea   Mary E.   February 19, 2016

Bonner County, Case No. CV-2015-1066

> Order

Rose   Dana     May 14, 2015

Cassia County, Case No. CV-2015-0411

> Order 

Sivak   Lacey Mark   March 19, 2013

Ada County Case No. CV-OT-2013-00572

> Findings of Fact & Conclusions of Law
> Prefiling Order 

Smith   Dana Lydell   August 20, 2014

Minidoka County, CV-2014-0556

> Prefiling Order

Smith   Scott William   May 22, 2017

Kootenai County, CV-2012-7208

> Prefiling Order

Smith   Vernon K.   October 19, 2023

Ada County, CV01-23-12046

> Prefiling Order

appeal pending





April 26, 2019

Kootenai County, CV-2018-2842

> Prefiling Order









October 27, 2011

 Oneida County, Supreme Court No. 39497-2011-3

> Administrative Order & Declaration

Thomann   Mark R.   May 8, 2015

Ada County Case No. CVOT 2014-12555

> Prefiling Order





August 17, 2018

Madison County Case No. CV-2015-74

> Order






March 28, 2013  

 Supreme Court Docket No. 40785-2013

> Order

Van Hook





September 20, 2017

Canyon County Case No. CV-2017-3444

Prefiling Order