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Idaho Court Administrative Rule 63. Summons of Jurors - Enforcement.

(a)  After a jury panel has been selected each person on the jury panel shall be served with a summons, issued by the clerk of the court, or the Jury commissioner, to appear before the court at a time and place certain for jury duty. The jury qualification questionnaire may be sent together with the summons in a single mailing to a prospective juror. The summons may be served upon each juror by regular mail, certified mail, or by personal service by a jury commissioner, the clerk or other person authorized by the court. After the initial appearance of the juror, the juror shall appear for jury service in any court of the county as directed by the judge of any court during the term of jury service of the juror. 


(b)  No person shall be held in contempt of court nor have other penalty imposed upon the person for failure to appear for jury duty unless the summons was served upon such juror by certified mail with a return receipt showing service or by personal service upon, or actual notice to, the prospective juror. If the prospective juror fails to respond to the summons, the clerk or jury commissioner or other official authorized by the court shall attempt to contact the prospective juror by telephone to ascertain the prospective juror's correct address and any other necessary information. A second summons shall be mailed by certified mail or personally served on the prospective juror whether or not the clerk or jury commissioner was able to contact the prospective juror by telephone. The second summons should notify the individual that it is a second notice. 


(Adopted March 28, 1986, effective July 1, 1986; amended May 4, 2001,effective July 1, 2001.)


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