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Idaho Court Administrative Rule 22. Special Examination by Certified Shorthand Reporters Board.

Upon the request of a district judge, or the administrative director of the courts, or on its own motion, the Supreme Court may require that a state district court reporter appointed on a temporary basis in accordance with section 54-3104, Idaho Code, be required to pass a special examination to be administered by the Certified Shorthand Reporters Board in order to continue in said appointment on a temporary basis. Any such special examination shall not be held pursuant to the Idaho Certified Shorthand Reporters Act, but shall be held pursuant to the authority of the Supreme Court to establish such additional conditions for appointments as it may choose to prescribe, and shall be subject only to notice of the time and place of the special examination at least fifteen (15) days in advance of the date set for the examination to the person taking said examination. Said special examination shall be similar in form and content to the regular examinations held by the Certified Shorthand Reporters Board, pursuant to section 54-3111, Idaho Code, and the preparation, administration and grading of the examination shall be governed by rules prescribed by the board. Upon determining the results of the examination, the board shall notify the examinee and the administrative director of the courts as to whether the examinee has passed or failed the examination. Any state district court reporter appointed on a temporary basis who fails to pass the special examination required by the Supreme Court shall be removed as a district court reporter and shall not be eligible for re-appointment on a permanent or temporary basis, until such person obtains a regular certificate as a certified shorthand reporter pursuant to the Idaho Certified Shorthand Reporters Act. 


(Adopted December 27, 1979, effective July 1, 1980.)

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