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Idaho Court Administrative Rule 41. Court Facilities.

The administrative district judge of each judicial district shall have the authority and power to provide for adequate law libraries for the district courts and the magistrates division under the statutes of this state as part of the necesary facilities and equipment necessary for the courts to function and carry out their judicial responsibilities. It shall be the duty of the administrative district judge or acting administrative district judge to budget for a current set of the Idaho Code, the Idaho State Bar Desk Book and a law dictionary for each district judge and magistrate. In addition, it is recommended that the following legal resources, in current editions and with current supplementation, should be readily available to each judge and magistrate in the district as a minimum: the city and county codes of municipalities within the court's jurisdiction, the Idaho Reports, citators covering the reports and statutes of Idaho, a digest of Idaho cases, the Idaho jury instructions, a treatise of Idaho law on evidence, a treatise on criminal law and procedure, a subscription to the Idaho Law Review of the College of Law of the University of Idaho, and an advance sheet service for Idaho cases. The Supreme Court will recommend to the county commissioners and clerks the acquisition of hardware, software, facilities, and subscriptions to implement the use of computer assisted legal research (CALR) in county law libraries. If these recommendations are implemented in a county, the administrative district judge may modify the recommended legal research resources available to each judge and magistrate by deleting those resources that are readily and economically accessible through the CALR resources available in the county law library. 


(Adopted December 27, 1979, effective July 1, 1980; amended March 23, 1990, effective July 1, 1990.)


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Judge Molly J Huskey
Judge Jessica M. Lorello
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