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Idaho Court Administrative Rule 48. Emergency Closure of Court Operations - Record of Closure - Disaster Emergency Plan.

(a) When an emergency or threatened emergency causes or threatens the destruction or partial destruction of court facilities, including the offices of the district court clerk, or interrupts the performance of court operations or poses a threat to the safety of court personnel, including personnel of the district court clerk's office, the administrative judge, or his or her designee if the administrative judge is unavailable, may order the closure of the district court and related offices, including the district clerkís office, until the safe operations of the court and its offices can be restored.  Whenever a threat poses an immediate risk of harm to court personnel or members of the public, court operations shall be suspended and court facilities and personnel shall immediately be evacuated pending further directive of the administrative judge or designee.  The administrative judge or designee shall promptly notify the Supreme Court of any emergency closure.  When the conditions creating the emergency have passed, the administrative judge or designee shall provide for the immediate resumption of court business by the most expeditious and practical means possible, which may include alternate operational hours or moving court operations to alternate facilities, if necessary.


(b) The district court clerk shall maintain a record of the date and time of any emergency closure of the clerkís office and the date and time of its reopening.  This record and a copy of the order closing court offices and operations shall be forwarded to the Supreme Court.


(c) The administrative judge shall designate a person in each county to prepare and maintain a current written disaster emergency plan relating to district court operations which shall include a coordinated response with the board of county commissioners and other local officials for the prompt restoration of judicial services after an emergency closure of court operations.  The written disaster emergency plan relating to district court operations shall be approved by the administrative judge prior to its final adoption.


(Adopted June 17, 2002, effective July 1, 2002.)


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Idaho Supreme Court

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