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Idaho Court Administrative Rule 64.1. Limitation on Required Jury Service.


In any two (2) year period, a person shall not be required:


(a) To serve or attend court for prospective service as a trial juror more than ten (10) court days, except if necessary to complete service in a particular case;


(b) To be available for jury service for a term exceeding six (6) months; provided however the Administrative District Judge may order a shorter term of required availability for jury service;


(c) To serve on more than one (1) grand jury; or


(d) To serve as both a grand and trial juror.



(Adopted November 17, 2021, effective January 1, 2022.)

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Members of the
Idaho Supreme Court

Chief Justice G Richard Bevan
Justice Robyn M. Brody
Justice Gregory W. Moeller
Justice Colleen D. Zahn
Justice Cynthia K.C. Meyer

Members of the
Idaho Court of Appeals

Chief Judge David W. Gratton
Judge Molly J Huskey
Judge Jessica M. Lorello



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