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Idaho Court Administrative Rule 54.2. Guardianship Reports

A. All guardians shall file with the court a report within 30 days following the anniversary of the appointment and:

1. At least annually thereafter;

2. When the court orders additional reports to be filed;

3. When the guardian resigns or is removed; and

4. When the guardianship is terminated unless the court determines that there is no need.


B. The guardian shall provide copies of any report filed by the guardian as ordered by the court.


C. A report shall be under oath or affirmation and shall state:

1. The address of the guardian and person under guardianship;

2. The current mental, physical, and social condition of the person under guardianship,including family contact;

3. The living arrangements during the reporting period;

4. The medical, educational, vocational and other professional services provided to the person under guardianship and the guardian's opinion as to the adequacy of care for the person under guardianship;

5. A summary of the guardian's visits with and activities on behalf of the person under guardianship;

6. If the person under guardianship is institutionalized, whether the guardian agrees with the current treatment plan;

7. A description of any significant changes in the capacity of the person under guardianship to meet essential requirements for physical health or safety;

8. A recommendation as to the need for continued guardianship and any recommended changes in the scope of the guardianship;

9. Any other information requested by the court or useful in the opinion of the guardian.


(Adopted April 4, 2014; effective July 1, 2014.)

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