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Idaho Court Administrative Rule 60.2. Random Selection Procedures.


(a) Following creation of the statewide or a county master jury list, random selection procedures shall be used throughout the juror selection process except as hereinafter provided. Any method may be used, manual or automated, that provides each eligible and available prospective juror with an equal probability of selection.


(b) Random selection procedures shall be employed in:


(i) Selecting persons to create a term of service panel from a master jury list,


(ii) Selecting persons from a term of service panel to be sent juror questionnaire forms or to be summoned for jury service,


(iii) Assigning prospective jurors to jury panels, except prospective jurors whose service was postponed and specifically assigned to a subsequent panel,


(iv) Drawing names of jurors to establish priority for voir dire, and


(v) Determining the identity of any alternate juror(s) immediately before jury deliberations begin.


(c) Random selection procedures shall not be used:


(i) to exclude persons ineligible for jury service,


(ii) to excuse or postpone prospective jurors for jury service, or


(iii) to temporarily remove prospective jurors challenged for cause or peremptorily during jury selection.



(Adopted November 17, 2021, effective January 1, 2022.)

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