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Idaho Court Administrative Rule 58.  Assignment of Resident Chambers. (Suspended)

(a) The administrative district judge shall assign each district judge within the district to a resident chambers within the judicial district.   Any reassignment from the resident chambers occupied by a district judge may be made only with the consent of that district judge.  The assignment of district judges to resident chambers shall at all times comply with the provisions of chapter 8, title 1, Idaho Code.  If the provisions of that chapter permit a district judge position to have its resident chambers in either of two counties, the administrative district judge shall assign a district judge to that position, and the district judge so assigned shall determine in which of the two counties the resident chambers shall be located.


(b) If a vacancy in a district judge position occurs, and a district judge is reassigned to the resident chambers of the vacant position, such reassignment shall take place prior to the issuing of the notice of opportunity to submit applications for the vacant district judge position.  The notice of opportunity to submit applications for the vacant district judge position shall clearly state the resident chambers of the position for which applications are to be submitted.


(c) No district judge shall be reassigned to different resident chambers from January 1 of a year in which elections for district judge are held until the Secretary of State has delivered a certificate of election to the person who has been elected to that district judge position.  From the time of the delivery of the certificate of election for a district judge position until the first Monday in January following, no reassignment of that district judge position to different resident chambers may be made without the consent of the district judge currently holding that position and of any person who has been newly elected to that position.


(Adopted February 26, 2010, effective March 10, 2010; Suspended September 14, 2011)  




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