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Idaho Court Administrative Rule 24. Temporary Court Reporters.

(a) Compensation. In appointing a substitute or deputy court reporter to act in the place of the regular reporter during absence, sickness, or other disability, pursuant to section 1-1108, Idaho Code, in order to obtain state financial reimbursements for compensation or expenses of such substitute or deputy court reporter, the appointing court shall notify and obtain the approval of the administrative director of the courts prior to any employment for which compensation is sought; provided, however, that the administrative director of the courts may approve state compensation or expense payment after employment, if the appointing court was unable to obtain prior approval due to exigent circumstances. 


(b) Manner of appointment. The court appointing a temporary or deputy court reporter pursuant to section 1-1108, Idaho Code, shall enter an order stating the reason for such appointment, and shall forward a copy of the order of appointment to the administrative director of the courts. 


(c) Amount of compensation. The amount of state financial compensation and expenses for reimbursement of temporary or deputy court reporters appointed pursuant to this rule shall be established by the administrative director of the courts, subject to regulations of the state of Idaho for travel and subsistence. 


(d) Requests for payment. Persons requesting payment for work as substitute for deputy court reporters appointed pursuant to this rule shall submit a daily log of the number of hours worked along with a state voucher for payment for services and expenses to the administrative director of the courts. Such voucher shall contain the signature of approval of the judge or court administrator for whom such work was undertaken. 


(Adopted December 27, 1979, effective July 1, 1980.)


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