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Idaho Court Administrative Rule 43. Trial Court Administrators.

A district trial court administrator may be appointed by the Supreme Court in each judicial district, to carry out the Supreme Court's constitutional responsibility to administer and supervise the state court system and to carry out those administrative duties of the District Court that may be delegated to the trial court Administrator by the Administrative Judge. The authority to hire a district trial court administrator rests in the Supreme Court, and has been delegated to the Administrative Director of the Courts. District trial court administrators shall be selected jointly by both the Administrative Director of the Courts, acting on behalf of the Supreme Court, and the involved Administrative Judge. If there is disagreement concerning the process of selection, the selection itself, or concerning duties to be performed, the matter shall be resolved by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, provided that the Chief Justice shall consult jointly with the Administrative Director of the Courts and the involved Administrative Judge prior to making the final determination. A district trial court administrator performs work under the general direction and supervision of the Administrative Judge, and assists the Supreme Court, through the Administrative Director of the Courts, in the Court's constitutional duties to administer and supervise a unified and integrated judicial system and to carry out those administrative duties of the District Court that may be established by statute or inherent power of the court. 


(Adopted December 20, 1988, effective December 20, 1988.)


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