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Idaho Court Administrative Rule 62.2. Selection of Assigned Trial/Grand Jury Panel from Term of Service Panel.


(a) When any action is called for trial by jury or a grand jury has been ordered, the jury commissioner shall create an assigned trial/grand jury panel from the term of service panel by drawing at random, by use of a manual, mechanical, or automated system, the specified number of names or identifying numbers of qualified prospective jurors.


(b) The entire panel may be divided and subsequently combined to accommodate separate panels for grand and trial juries, as prescribed by the Administrative District Judge.


(c) The selection of a trial jury for the trial of an individual case shall be in accordance with the applicable criminal or civil rule of procedure.


(d) The selection of a grand jury shall be in accordance with the applicable rule of criminal procedure.



(Adopted November 17, 2021, effective January 1, 2022.)

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