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Idaho Court Administrative Rule 29. Filing of Transcripts and Extensions of Time.

(a) The reporter of any trial or proceedings shall prepare and lodge with the district court or with the administrative agency the requested transcript within the time limits set out in Idaho Appellate Rule 24. If the reporter is unable to meet this deadline an extension of time must be requested from the Idaho Supreme Court. An extension of time for the preparation and lodging of the transcript may be obtained by filing a motion for extension of time with the Idaho Supreme Court at least five days before the transcript is due unless good cause is shown for the failure to timely file a motion.


(b) In the event a transcript is 14 days past due, the clerk of the Idaho Supreme Court shall notify the court reporter, trial court administrator, administrative district judge and district judge responsible for supervising the reporter, and the trial court administrator shall take appropriate action which may include (a) imposing disciplinary action, (b) identifying another official reporter in the district who can provide coverage for court proceedings while the transcript is completed, (c) implementing a performance improvement plan that requires weekend and evening hours to complete the transcript(s), (d) identifying a different court reporter who will complete the transcript and be compensated as appropriate, or (e) with approval of the Administrative Director of the Courts, removing the court reporter from the courtroom until the transcript is complete and hiring a different court reporter to provide coverage for court proceedings. In the event a transcript is reassigned to a free lance court reporter, the court reporter must immediately turn over all notes of the particular proceeding to the trial court administrator. The trial court administrator shall notify the clerk of the Supreme Court of the action taken regarding the transcript, including the anticipated date of filing and any reassignment.


(c) The Supreme Court retains the inherent and overriding authority to remove and /or discipline any district court reporter or order the reassignment of preparation of a transcript as may be required for the management of court operations or in the interests of justice.


(Adopted January 3, 2008, effective March 1, 2008)

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