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Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 1.2. Jurisdictional Amounts for Assignment to Magistrates; Counterclaims and Cross-Claims.

(a) Determining Jurisdictional Amount. The jurisdictional amounts in Idaho Code Sections 1-2208 and 1-2210, or in the Idaho Court Administrative Rules is exclusive of interest, costs, punitive damages and attorney fees, if any. In determining filing fees and jurisdictional amounts involved in an action, the total amount of all counts is added together to determine the amount claimed in the action. If, however, there are several counts asking for the same or similar relief, the assigned judge may determine by written order the actual amount in controversy for the purpose of determining whether the case is within the jurisdictional amount for assignment to a magistrate.

(b) Counterclaim or Cross-Claim Exceeding Magistrate Jurisdiction. If a counterclaim or cross-claim filed in the magistrate’s division exceeds the jurisdiction of the magistrate, the original action and the counterclaim or cross-claim must be transferred to a district judge having jurisdiction.

(Adopted March 1, 2016, effective July 1, 2016.)

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