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Idaho Rules for Electronic Filing and Service


Rule 14: Technical Error; Relief

(a)   Technical error. Any party may obtain relief if the electronic filing system is temporarily unavailable or if an error in the transmission of the document or other technical problem prevents the electronic filing system from receiving a document. Upon satisfactory proof of such an occurrence, the court must permit the filing date of the document to relate back to the date the filer first attempted to file the document to meet filing requirements. If appropriate, the court may adjust the schedule for responding to these documents or the court's hearing, or provide other relief.

(b)   Resubmission of document; relief. A filer who resubmits a document under this Rule:

(1)   Must include in the "Comments to Court" field notification for an electronic resubmission the following words: "Resubmission of filing, submission unsuccessful, request filing date relate back to _______, date of original submission."

(2)   Must also provide the date of the original attempted submission, the date the filer was notified the submission was not successful, and explain the reason for requesting that the date of filing relate back to the original submission. The request for original filing date must be resubmitted within 7 business days (excluding legal holidays) of the date the filer was notified the submission was not successful. If the seventh day following notice of error is not a judicial day, then the filer may resubmit the filing with a request under this subsection on the next judicial day.

(3)   May also include supporting exhibits that substantiate the system malfunction together with the resubmission.


(Adopted April 15, 2019, effective July 1, 2019)

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