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Idaho Rules of Evidence Rule 601. Competency to Testify in General.

Every person is competent to be a witness except: 


(a)  Incompetency Determined by Court.  Persons whom the court finds are incapable of receiving just impressions of the facts about which they are examined, or of relating them accurately.


(b)  Claim Against Estate.

(1) Parties or assignors of parties to an action or proceeding, or persons in whose behalf an action or proceeding is prosecuted against a personal representative,

(2) upon a claim or demand against the estate of a deceased person,

(3) as to any communication or agreement, not in writing, with the deceased person.


(c)  Other Exceptions.  If these rules provide otherwise.


(Adopted March 26, 2018, effective July 1, 2018.)


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Members of the
Idaho Supreme Court

Chief Justice G Richard Bevan
Justice Robyn M. Brody
Justice John R. Stegner
Justice Gregory W. Moeller
Justice Colleen D. Zahn

Members of the
Idaho Court of Appeals

Chief Judge Jessica M. Lorello
Judge David W. Gratton
Judge Molly J Huskey



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