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Idaho Misdemeanor Criminal Rule 8. Deferred Payment Agreement - Form.

(a)  Deferred Payment Agreement. After the entry of a judgment for a misdemeanor, the court, or the clerk within the guidelines set by the court, may enter into an agreement with the defendant for the deferred payment of the fine, court costs, and any other court ordered payment. Such agreement shall be signed by the defendant and the court, or the clerk on behalf of the court, and shall state that failure of the defendant to make the payments when agreed may result in the issuance of a warrant for the arrest of the defendant. Subsequent extensions of time to pay a fixed penalty may be granted by the execution of a new agreement by the defendant and the court or the clerk. The deferred payment agreement does not affect the ability of a victim to collect restitution as provided in idaho Code § 19-5305(1).


(b)  Form of Agreement. A deferred payment agreement under this rule shall be in substantially the following form: 

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(Adopted April 18, 1983, effective July 1, 1983; amended February 10, 1993, effective July 1, 1993; amended April 27, 2016, effective July 1, 2016.)


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