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Idano Misdemeanor Criminal Rule 7. Proceedings by Telephone Conference Calls in Misdemeanor Cases.

The court on oral stipulation of the defendant, or defendant's attorney, and the prosecution may hold a hearing on the first or subsequent appearance, bail hearing, arraignment, plea and sentencing hearing in a misdemeanor case by a telephone conference call to which the defendant, or defendant's attorney, if any, the prosecuting attorney, and the judge are joined in one telephone call. The entire telephone call shall be recorded by the court including the verbal stipulation of all parties to the conference call hearing and the court shall cause minutes of the hearing to be prepared and filed in the action. 


(Adopted March 24, 1982, effective July 1, 1982; amended April 18, 1983, effective July 1, 1983; rescinded March 2, 2001, effective April 1, 2001.)


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