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Idaho Misdemeanor Criminal Rule 15. Method of Payment of Fines and Costs.

Fines and costs may be paid by cash, money order, or cashier's check payable to the clerk of the court, or by major credit card or debit card where procedures for accepting such cards are available. In the discretion of the court, other fines and costs may also be paid by personal check payable to the clerk of the court under such procedures established by the administrative district judge for acceptance of such checks. Each administrative district judge, with the consultation of the district court clerks in the judicial district, shall develop guidelines and procedures for the acceptance of personal checks which should be in accordance with generally accepted business practices to reasonably assure that the check will be honored. Any administrative district judge may order that personal checks received for the payment of fines and costs be placed in a suspense fund and that the moneys from such checks not be delivered to the district court clerk until the checks have been honored. Any employee, deputy, official or agent of any court or any district court clerk accepting a personal check under the guidelines and procedures prescribed by the administrative district judge or by Supreme Court rule shall not in any case be liable for the payment or reimbursement of the funds represented by such personal check in the event it is dishonored. Provided, however, in the event that a check is dishonored and returned to the court for any reason, the defendant will be deemed not to have appeared nor to have posted bond under the citation and therefore may be prosecuted for failure to appear on the citation as well as for the violation of the citation; and in addition thereto, the maker of the check may be prosecuted for such other misdemeanor or felony for issuance of the check as may be provided by law. 



(Adopted December 27, 1979, effective July 1, 1980; amended June 2, 1980, effective July 1, 1980; amended April 2, 1981, effective July 1, 1981; amended April 18, 1983, effective July 1, 1983; amended September 4, 2009, effective October 1, 2009.)


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