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Idaho Juvenile Rule 60. Title and Effective Date.

These rules shall be known and cited as "The Idaho Juvenile Rules" (I.J.R.).  These rules shall take effect on July 1, 1996, and shall govern all proceedings pending on this effective date, or thereafter commenced. 



As the Third Branch of Government, we provide access to justice through the timely, fair, and impartial resolution of cases.


Members of the
Idaho Supreme Court

Chief Justice G Richard Bevan
Justice Robyn M. Brody
Justice Gregory W. Moeller
Justice Colleen D. Zahn
Justice Cynthia K.C. Meyer

Members of the
Idaho Court of Appeals

Chief Judge David W. Gratton
Judge Molly J Huskey
Judge Jessica M. Lorello
Judge Michael P. Tribe



Promoting Openness In The Courts
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