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Idaho Juvenile Rule 51. Application of Idaho Rules of Evidence (C.P.A.) (J.C.A.)

(a) The Idaho Rules of Evidence shall apply to J.C.A. proceedings except in the following situations:


(1) Detention review hearings.  Pre-adjudication detention hearings held under I.C. § 20-516 and Idaho Juvenile Rule 7.


(2) Sentencing hearings.  Sentencing hearings held under I.C. § 20-520 and Idaho Juvenile Rule 17.


(b) The Idaho Rules of Evidence shall apply in C.P.A proceedings only to the portion of the adjudicatory hearing where jurisdiction is being determined, or to the portion of any hearing where aggravated circumstances is being determined.  


(c) Where a petition to terminate parental rights has been filed in a C.P.A. case, the Idaho Rules of Evidence shall apply to proceedings on the petition to terminate.


(d) The Idaho Rules of Evidence shall not apply in proceedings under I.C. § 20-511A and Idaho Juvenile Rule 54.



(Revised Rule 51 - adopted August 21, 2006, amended April 24, 2013, effective July 1, 2013.)


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