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Idaho Juvenile Rule 50: Transfer of Venue (C.P.A.)

(a) Transfer of venue in a case under the Child Protective Act is governed by these rules and is not subject to the Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure.


(b) Venue in a case under Child Protective Act may not be transferred prior to the entry of a decree finding the child within the jurisdiction of the court under the Child Protective Act.


(c) In the discretion of the court, venue in a case arising under the Child Protective Act may be transferred when the following conditions exist:


(1) The court has entered a decree finding the child within the jurisdiction of the court under the Child Protective Act;


(2) It is in the best interest of the child; 


(3) All parties either agree or do not object to the transfer; 


(4) The Department of Health & Welfare is able and ready to provide services in case management in the new county; 


(5) The parents or a parent who is the subject of a reunification plan lives in the receiving county; 


(6) Prior to the transfer, the judge of the sending county court will communicate either verbally or in writing and obtain consent to the transfer from a judge of the receiving county court; and 

(7) All currently needed hearings and findings have been completed and transfer will not jeopardize the ability of the court or parties to comply with the time requirements of the Child Protective Act or these rules.


(d) Counsel of record and guardians ad litem shall continue in the case unless there is a stipulation for substitution of counsel and/or guardians ad litem with the new counsel or guardians ad litem or an order of the receiving court allowing withdrawal of counsel or guardians ad litem.


(e) If a case is transferred, the clerk shall forward the original file to the receiving court and shall maintain a copy of the file in the sending jurisdiction for record purposes and shall, if possible, transfer any ISTARS record to the receiving county.  


(f) The receiving county will conduct a review hearing of the case status within sixty (60) days of receipt of the file.  


( Revised Rule 50 - adopted August 21, 2006.)

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Idaho Supreme Court

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Justice Gregory W. Moeller
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Idaho Court of Appeals

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