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Idaho Juvenile Rule 45. Review Hearings (C.P.A.)

(a) At review hearings, the court shall review compliance with the case plan; and/or the permanency plan (whichever is in place at the time of the hearing) and the progress of the department in achieving permanency for the child.  The court may:


(1) modify the case plan or permanency plan as appropriate;


(2) modify disposition (provided that where a child was placed under the protective supervision of the department, modification is subject to the requirement of section 16-1623, Idaho Code);


(3) determine whether the department has made reasonable efforts to finalize a permanency plan for the child; and in the case of a child who will not be returned to a parent, review the department's consideration of options for in-state and out-of-state placement of the child;


(4) enter further orders as necessary or appropriate to ensure the progress of the case towards achieving permanency for the child.


(b) The court may continue a review hearing for a short period of time to give the parties time to respond to substantive issues raised for the first time at a review hearing.  The court may enter temporary orders as appropriate pending the continued hearing.


(c) If the next review hearing to be scheduled is combined with the annual permanency hearing described at section 16-1620 or 16-1622, Idaho Code, the court shall order the department to prepare a written permanency plan, to be filed with the court and served upon the parties at least five (5) days prior to the hearing.



(Revised Rule 45 - adopted August 21, 2006; amended, effective November 13, 2008, amended April 24, 2013, effective July 1, 2013; amended March 29, 2016, effective July 1, 2016.)

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