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Idaho Juvenile Rule 18. Revocation of Formal Probation Order; Revocation of Informal Adjustment; and Entry of Adjudication Order (J.C.A.)

(a)  When a court has entered an order of formal probation or an informal adjustment order and a motion or petition, together with a sworn affidavit, is filed with the court by the prosecuting attorney alleging that the juvenile has violated the terms and conditions of probation or informal adjustment, the court shall set a hearing on the violation alleged. 


(b)  At the violation hearing, the burden of proof shall be upon the state by a preponderance of the evidence. 


(c)  Upon a finding by the court that the juvenile has violated the formal probation order or the informal adjustment order, the court may: 


(1)  Enter an order reinstating the juvenile on probation on additional terms and conditions; 


(2)  Enter an order imposing any suspended term of detention or suspended commitment to the Department of Juvenile Corrections; 


(3)  In the case of an informal adjustment, enter an order of adjudication and impose any sentence available to the court pursuant to I.C. Section 20-520. 



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