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Idaho Juvenile Rule 17A. Correction or Modification of Juvenile Sentence (J.C.A)

(a)  Illegal Sentences. The court may correct a sentence that is illegal from the face of the record at any time.


(b)  Modification of Terms and Conditions of Probation Based on Change of Circumstances.  The court maintains continuing jurisdiction of a juvenile case throughout any period of probation or informal adjustment and may, upon the motion of any party or on its own motion, modify or amend the terms and conditions of such probation or informal adjustment upon a showing that the circumstances of the juvenile or the juvenile’s family have changed so as to justify a modification of such terms and conditions consistent with the rehabilitative intent of the Juvenile Corrections Act, Chapter 5, Title 20, Idaho Code.  The court may not as a part of any such modification extend the length of the probationary term or increase the amount of detention originally ordered or suspended.


(c)  Credit for Time Served. A motion to correct a court's computation of credit for time served may be made at any time.  A juvenile shall receive credit for any detention time served prior to a judgment or informal adjustment being entered if such detention time was for the offense or an included offense for which the judgment was entered. The remainder of any term of detention commences upon the pronouncement of a detention sentence and if thereafter, during such term, the defendant by any legal means is temporarily released from such detention and subsequently returned thereto, the time during which the juvenile was at large will not be computed as part of such term.


(Adopted May 14, 2019, effective July 1, 2019.)


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