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Idaho Criminal Rule 6.3. Transcript of Grand Jury Proceedings.

(a)  Reporting Grand Jury Proceedings. All proceedings of the grand jury, except deliberations, shall be recorded, either stenographically or electronically. 


(b)  Record of Proceedings. The district judge or the presiding juror shall designate someone to report or electronically record all of the proceedings of the grand jury, except its deliberations. Such person shall be sworn to correctly report all of such proceedings and not to divulge any of such information to any person except on order of the district judge. Upon taking such an oath, such person shall be permitted to attend all sessions, except deliberations, of the grand jury. Upon the conclusion of each matter presented to the grand jury the court clerk shall seal the record of the grand jury proceedings which shall not be examined by any person or transcribed except upon order of the district judge. 


(c)  Availability of Record of Grand Jury Proceedings. The district judge by motion shall permit a prosecuting attorney, a person charged in an indictment or the attorney for the person charged, or a person charged with perjury by reason of the person's testimony before the grand jury to listen to the record of the proceedings of the grand jury or to obtain a transcript of such proceedings, in the same manner as a transcript of a preliminary hearing. The district judge may place conditions upon the use, dissemination or publication of the proceedings of the grand jury, and any violation of any such condition by a party granted access to the record shall constitute contempt of the order of the district judge. 


(Adopted March 30, 1994, effective July 1, 1994.)

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