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Idaho Criminal Rule 54.17. Appellate Review.

(a)  Scope of appellate review.  All appeals from a magistrate shall be heard by the district court as an appellate proceeding unless the district court orders a trial de novo as provided in these rules. The scope of appellate review on appeal to the district court shall be as follows: 


(1)  Appeal on the record. Upon an appeal from a magistrate to the district court, not involving a trial de novo, the district court shall review the case on the record and determine the appeal as an appellate court in the same manner and upon the same standards of review as an appeal from the district court to the Supreme Court under the Idaho appellate rules. 


(2)  Trial de novo. Upon an appeal from a magistrate to the district court in which a trial de novo is ordered, such appeal shall be by trial in the district court in the same manner as a trial upon information in the district court. 


        (b) Remittiturs.


(1) Remittitur from district court. If no appeal to the Supreme Court is filed within forty-two (42) days after the clerk files the appellate ruling, the clerk shall issue and file a remittitur with the magistrate court from which the appeal was taken and mail copies to the parties and the presiding magistrate.  The remittitur shall advise the magistrate judge that the opinion has become final and that the magistrate shall forthwith comply with the directive of the opinion.


(2) Remittitur from Supreme Court or Court of Appeals. When the Supreme Court or Court of Appeals files a remittitur with the district court in a case that was initially appealed from the magistrate division of the district court, the clerk of the district court shall mail a copy of such remittitur to the presiding magistrate.



(Adopted June 15, 1987, effective November 1, 1987; amended February 25, 2016, effective February 25, 2016.)


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