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Idaho Criminal Rule 24.1.  Notes by Jurors- Juror Notebooks.

(a) Jury notes.  A juror may take or make written notes during a trial and take them with the juror when the jury retires for deliberation.  The court shall give the jury appropriate instruction in how to exercise the right to take notes.  At the conclusion of the proceedings, the Court shall take custody of the notes and provide for their destruction. 


(b) Juror notebooks.  In the discretion of the court, jurors may be provided notebooks containing documents for use by the jurors during trial to aid them in performing their duties.  Notebooks may contain, but are not required to have or be limited to:


(1) a copy of all jury instructions;

(2) juror notes; 

(3) the names of witnesses, including photographs and biographies; 

(4) copies of exhibits, including an index thereto, but excepting depositions, and

(5) a glossary of technical terms.


(Adopted May 4, 2001, effective July 1, 2001.)


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