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Idaho Appellate Rule 26.1. Computer-Searchable Disks of Transcripts.

(a)  Ordering Disks. If a written transcript is requested, any party may request computer-searchable disks of some or all of the written transcipt. The request for a disk must be filed with the district court and served upon the reporter within fourteen (14) days after the filing of the notice of appeal or within fourteen (14) days after the filing of notice of cross-appeal. The request for disks shall not eliminate written transcripts as required by these rules. 


(b)  Preparation and Service of Disks. The reporter shall provide disks of the entire transcript unless a partial transcript is requested by a party. The disks shall be in standard ASCII code unless otherwise agreed by the reporter and the party ordering the disks. The reporter shall serve the disks on the parties requesting them within fourteen (14) days after service of the written transcripts on the parties. Each disk shall be labeled with the case title and number of the case. Each disk also must be individually labeled to show its position in the sequence of disks, the pages of the written transcript contained on the disk and the date of the proceedings contained on the disk. (e.g. disk 5 of 7, transcript pages 1251-1449, heard September 10, 1990.) The complete set of disks must be accompanied by a written index showing the case name, case number, disk name, dates of the hearings, disk number, and volume and page numbers. 


(c)  Copies of Disks for Court. If any party requests disks, the reporter shall prepare and file with the Supreme Court duplicate disks in standard ASCII code within fourteen (14) days after filing the written transcripts. The parties shall pay the cost of such computer-searchable disks filed with the Supreme Court, as provided in subsection (d) of this rule. 


(d)  Charges for Disks. Reporters may charge and receive the sum of $.25 per transcript page for disks requested by a party; provided, the reporter shall receive the sum of $7.50 per disk for the disks filed with the Supreme Court as required by subsection (c) of this rule. The estimated charges for the disks shall be based upon the estimate of the transcript filed by the reporter under Rule 24(b) and shall be paid by the requesting party to the clerk of the district court for the benefit of the reporter when the request is filed with the court. The charges shall be adjusted by the reporter and the party making the request when the actual number of pages of transcript has been determined. The charges for the disks to be filed with the Supreme Court under subsection (c) of this rule shall be paid to the clerk of the district court by the first party requesting such disks. 


(Adopted March 20, 1991, effective July 1, 1991.)


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