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Idaho Juvenile Rule 32. Notice of Emergency Removal (C.P.A.)


(a) When a child is taken into custody pursuant to I.C. § 16-1608(1)(a) under a declaration of imminent danger, the peace officer shall provide a written notice of emergency removal to the court, and to the parent(s), guardian or custodian, in accordance with I.C. §16-1609(1).  


(b) When an alleged offender is removed from the home pursuant to I.C. 16-1608(1)(b) written notice of emergency removal shall be provided to the alleged offender.


(c) The notice of emergency removal  to the parent(s), guardian, or custodian shall contain a notification of right to counsel and right to court appointed counsel, pursuant to these rules, and shall be given by personal service at least 24 hours prior to the shelter-care hearing.  Notice is not required for purposes of the shelter-care hearing in the event the parent(s), guardian, or custodian cannot be located or are out of state.


(d) The notice of emergency removal of the child or alleged offender from the home shall substantially conform to the following format:

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(Revised Rule 32 - adopted August 21, 2006.)

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