Idaho Peer Review 

Drug Court Fidelity Assessment Process

Idaho is committed to the effective operation of drug and mental health courts in accordance with the most up-to-date, research-based practices.  To this end we have adopted Statewide Adult Drug Court Standards and Guidelines.  To assist courts evaluate their compliance and to provide an ongoing means of reviewing court operations in a cost effective manner, a structured peer review process has been developed.  This process utilizes drug court professionals to visit courts and apply an observational protocol and offer feedback on operations.  


This website is intended primarily for those peer reviewers who have been trained to provide this observational assessment and feedback. 


Peer Review Materials-



Others may visit this site to explore this Idaho process for accomplishing fidelity to the drug court model.  We believe the peer review model offers a win-win-win outcome for all involved. The trained peer reviewers become very familiar with the evidence-based practices for drug courts and are able to implement these practices in their home court. The court reviewed has the opportunity to have an independent review of their operations and to receive a feedback that will assist them in improving their practices. And both parties will have the opportunity to share innovative practices with each other. Finally, the state will have a cost-effective method of analyzing problem-solving court practice across the state and identifying training and technical assistance needs.


Initially the peer review has been developed for the adult drug courts. As the process goes forward, peer review materials will be developed for the other types of problem-solving courts, including juvenile drug courts, mental health courts, DUI courts, and veterans’ courts. Upon completion, these review materials will also be posted on this site.


For further information on the peer review process contact:
Ryan Porter
Manager of Behavioral Health and Quality Assurance
Idaho Supreme Court
P: (208) 947-7430
E: [email protected] 


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The goals of Treatment Courts are to reduce the overcrowding of jails and prisons, to reduce alcohol and drug abuse and dependency among criminal and juvenile offenders, to hold offenders accountable, to reduce recidivism, and to promote effective interaction and use of resources among the courts, justice system personnel and community agencies.


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