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Idaho Misdemeanor Criminal Rule 9.1. Suspension of Driver's License Upon Conviction of Offense Authorizing or Requiring Suspension of License - Suspension Upon Plea or Finding of Guilty of Offense - Notice of Increased Penalty on Subsequent Violations - Temporary Restricted License.

(a) Suspension of Driving Privileges. The court shall include in a judgment of conviction and sentence the suspension of driving privileges and driver's license which is part of the sentence under a statute of the state. If the statute authorizes or requires the court to suspend driving privileges and driver's license by reason of a plea of guilty or finding of guilty of an offense, the court shall adjudicate the period of suspension in an order of suspension. 


(b) Order of Suspension. Whenever the court suspends driving privileges and driver's license by reason of a plea of guilty or a finding of guilty to an offense, the court shall suspend the driving privileges by an order and cause copies to be filed with the Department of Transportation and served on the defendant by personal delivery or by mailing to the address indicated on the driver's license or other address furnished by the defendant. The suspension order shall be in substantially the following form: 

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(Adopted April 3, 1984, effective March 1, 1984; amended February 10, 1993, effective July 1, 1993; amended April 19, 1995, effective July 1, 1995, amended April 2, 2010, effective April 15, 2010.)


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