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  • Q. What knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) are needed to become a certified court interpreter?
    A. The following are some of the KSA’s needed: Mastery of both English and the foreign language in general and legal terminology; public speaking ; consecutive and simultaneous interpretation; sight translation.
  • Q. My friend/family member needs an interpreter for their next court hearing, what should I do?
    A. Well in advance, please contact your local courthouse or Elected Clerk of the district Court to make your request.
  • Q. After I take the written or oral exam, how long before I receive the results?
    A. Oral or written exam results are sent to the candidate by mail, 4-6 weeks after the exam date.
  • Q. How long does it take to become a certified court interpreter?
    A. The Idaho training for certification cycle is 9 months in length. An interpreter is considered certified only when they have passed the written and oral exams.
  • Q. How much does it cost to become a certified court interpreter?
    A. The current state sponsored training and exam costs are found on the registration forms and at isc.idaho.gov/court-interpreter/certification-training.
  • Q. I need a legal document translated. Who do I contact?
    A. Using the Idaho Supreme Court rosters, you can contact certified court interpreters for the language in question or search for a translator using a reputable source e.g. ATA or NAJIT
  • Q. Is there an interpreter certification process for American Sign Language?
    A. Since January 2016, the SC: L legal interpreter certification for American Sign Language interpreters has been under moratorium.
  • Q. Is certification by reciprocity available in Idaho?
    A. Yes. Follow the normal application process and include:
    > Proof of attendance for a court interpreter orientation & ethics training/workshop.
    > Proof of passing the written screening examination. (Minimum passing score: 80%)
    > Proof of court interpreter certification (passing all three sections of the exam with a minimum of 70 percent).
    > Proof of actively interpreting during the last 12 months.

*As of July 1, 2020, all information was accurate.

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The Idaho Courts rely heavily on an interpreter’s skills, performance and integrity in his or her duties, regardless of whether or not the interpreter is certified. If you feel that an interpreter’s performance is inconsistent with the Idaho Code of Professional Responsibilities for Interpreters in the Judiciary, state law, Supreme Court rule or order or administrative policy, please complete the enclosed form. The Language Access Office takes all complaints against interpreters seriously. Your complaint will be given full attention and will be resolved as quickly as possible.


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