Statutes and Rules

The following statutes and rules are contained in the Idaho Juvenile Correction Act and Rules booklet, current as of July 2020: 

  • Title 20, Chapter 5 (Juvenile Corrections Act)
  • Title 18, Chapter 25 (Escape)
  • Title 19, Chapter 26 (Suspension of Judgment)
  • Title 19, Chapter 51 (Powers of POST Council)
  • Idaho Juvenile Rules
  • IDAPA 05.01.01 (Rules of Contract Providers)
  • IDAPA 05.01.02 (Rules and Standards for Secure Juvenile Detention Center)
  • IDAPA 05.01.03 (Rules of the Custody Review Board)
  • IDAPA 05.01.04 (Uniform Standards for Juvenile Probation Services)
  • IDAPA 05.01.05 (Rules of Reintegration Providers)
  • IDAPA 11.11.02 (Rules of the Idaho Peace Officer Standards and Training Council for Juvenile Detention Officer)
  • IDAPA 11.11.03 (Rules of the Idaho Peace Officer Standard and Training Council for Juvenile Probation Officers)
  • IDAPA 11.11.05 (Rules of the Idaho Peace Officer Standards and Training Council for Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections Direct Care Staff)


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