Upcoming Trainings and Webinars for Elected Clerks

Below is a list of upcoming trainings, either in-person or via webinar. If you have questions regarding registration, please contact Kim Woods at kwoods@idcourts.net or (208) 947-7417.

Date and Time Title and Description Registration Info

Oct. 26-29, 2015 

2015 Idaho Institute for Court Management (IICM)

The Idaho Institute for Court Management (IICM) will be held on October 26-29, 2015 at The Riverside Hotel in Boise.  This program is sponsored by the Idaho Supreme Court, with support from the counties through conference registration fees.  Pre-Institute workshops will be held on Monday, October 26th for court assistance officers, jury commissioners, and supervisors/managers.



Please click here to view a tentative outline of the agenda.  Please click here for the registration form and lodging form.  The registration and lodging forms are due by September 21, 2015 and are coordinated through the office of each county’s elected clerk.  Please contact your elected clerk if you are interested in registering or Kim Woods at kwoods@idcourts.net or (208) 947-7417 with any questions. 


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Judicial Education Co-Director


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Administrative Assistant

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