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2016 Idaho Institute for Court Management   (IICM) 































































July 1, 2016

Legislative Update


Appeals to the Idaho Supreme Court

 - PowerPoint Presentation

Bonds and Forfeitures

- Bail Bonds Guidelines

- Top Questions & Answers Handout

- Tryfold 2016

Caseflow Management

- Example

Courthouse Emergency

- 50 Ways to Enhance Home Security

- Twin Falls Security Manual

- Canyon County Emergency Procedures Manual

- Active Shooter Pamphlet

DV and CPO Changes

- Civil Protection Orders

- PowerPoint Presentation

Fingerprint Data

- PowerPoint Presentation

Guradianship Conservatorship

- PowerPoint Presentation

- Basic Case Processing Procedures

- Uploading Documents

ISTARS Computer Lab

- Shortcuts


- CP Hearings Timeliness

Juvenile Cases

- PowerPoint Presentation

Legal Advice - Information

- Legal Advice-Legal Information Guidelines

- PowerPoint Presentation

Limited Literacy

- Effective Communication PowerPoint Notes

- My Many Identities Worksheet

Purpose and Responsibility

- Mission Statement

- PowerPoint Presentation

Radical Resiliency

- Idaho Courts Handout

- PowerPoint Presentation 

Small Claims

- Clerk of the District Court Manual -- Small Claims

- PowerPoint Presentation

Supervisor Workshop

- Classification

- Idaho Clerks Resilience


- PowerPoint Presentation

- Guide to Understanding Driving Records

- Suspension Unit Correspondence

- Vehicle Insurance Brochure

Trial by Jury of Peers

- PowerPoint Presentation

Working for Idaho Courts

- Various Documents

- PowerPoint Presentation

Workplace Challenges

- PowerPoint Presentation

- PowerPoint Notes




2016 Legislative Update by Michael Henderson and Cathy Derden


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July 1, 2016

Uniform Business Practices to Implement Legislative and Rule Changes


Eff: July 1, 2016

New JV Forms

JV Application to Vacate and Seal Alcohol Age Violation, I.C. § 18-15029(6)   Word | PDF

JV Order Vacating and Sealing Alcohol Age Violation, I.C. § 18-1502(6)  Word | PDF



Eff: July 1, 2016

New DV/CPO Forms


CAO DV 1-1 Sworn Petition for Protection Order  Word | PDF

CAO DV 1-2 Law Enforcement Service Information Sheet  Word | PDF

CAO DV 4-1 Temporary or Amended Civil Protection Order and Notice of Hearing  Word | PDF

CAO DV 4-2 Order Setting or Resetting Hearing on Petition for Protection Order  Word | PDF

CAO DV 4-4 Reissuance of Temporary Protection Order and Notice of Hearing  Word | PDF

CAO DV 8-1 Civil Protection Order (Long Version)  Word | PDF

CAO DV 8-2 Civil Protection Order (Short Version)  Word | PDF

CAO DV 9-1 App to Modify Terminate Renew or Change Hearing on Protection Order  Word | PDF

CAO DV 9-2 Notice of Hearing on App to Modify Terminate or Renew Protection Order  Word | PDF

CAO DV 9-3 Order on Motion to Modify or Terminate Protection Order  Word | PDF

CAO DV 9-5 Order Dismissing Protection Order Action  Word | PDF

CAO DV 10-1 Affidavit and Request for Registration of Foreign Protection Order  Word PDF


Windows 8.1 Online Training Module!
(added 03.30.16)


This self-led online tutorial includes the following sections and topics: 

 1. Introduction
 2. Major Changes
 3. "Start" vs. "Desktop" View
 4. "Windows" Key
 5. What View Apps Open In
 6. Search Feature
 7. Navigation in the Tile View
 8. How to Close an App
 9. How to Minimize an App
10. Launching a "Docked" App
11. Display Apps Side by Side
12. Showing Other Apps
13. Modifying Start Screen Tiles
14. 5 Primary Options for the Charm Bar
 - Handout & Certificate -

Online Tutorial

2015 Idaho Institute for Court Management



Jury Commissioners Workshop

 - PowerPoint Presentation by District Judge Greg W. Moeller (.pptx)

 - PowerPoint Presentation by Shelli Tubbs, Trial Court Administrator for Fifth Judicial District (.pptx)

 - Power Point Presentation by Tyler Tindall, Elmore County Jury Commissioner (.pptx)


Customer Service:  It is What You Make it!

 - PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx)


Unexpected Impact - Working in the Courts

 - NCTS Secondary Traumatic Stress (.pdf)

 - Understanding ACEs Handout (.pdf)


Domestic Violence and Civil Protection Orders

 - Supreme Court CPO Processing (.pptx)

 - CPO Forms (Judge Comstock and Judge Dennard) (.pptx)

 - CPO Protocol for Spanish-speaking Petitioners and/or Spanish-speaking Respondents (.pdf)

 - 50 Reasons Women Don't Leave (.pdf)

 - Changing Perspectives (.pdf)

 - Power Control Wheel (.pdf)

 - What is Domestic Violence? (.pdf)


Appeals to the Idaho Supreme Court

 - PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx)


Legal Advice vs Legal Info

 - PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx)

 - Legal Advice vs Legal Info (.pdf)


Computer Lab:  Fundamentals of CP Data Entry in ISTARS & Advanced Data Entry

 - Child Protection Act Case Timelines (.pdf)

 - Child Protection Termination Procedures (.doc)

 - CPA Case Procedures (.doc)

 - CPA Data Entry (.doc)


Windows 8.1 Training

- Helps & Shortcuts Handout (.doc)


Bonds and Warrants 

- Presentation (.doc)


Idaho Department of Transportation

 - PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx)

 - Driver Record Dashboard (.pdf)

 - ALS Form (.pdf)

 - Guide to Understanding Driving Records (.pdf)


Language Access - ADA

 - PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx)

 - I-Speak Booklet (.pdf)

 - Poster - Flags (.pdf)



2015 Legislative Rules Update

June 19, 2015

Rules Update PowerPoint Presentation (.ppt)

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Conservatorship Webinar

- Reporting Changes PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx)

- CAO GC 9-1 Conservator's Inventory (.rtf)

- CAO GC 9-2 Conservator's Accounting (.rtf)

- CAO GC 9-3 Conservator's Accounting For Small Estates (.rtf)

- CAO GCPi 9-4 Guardian's Annual Status Report Incapacitated Person (.rtf)

- CAO GCPi 9-5 Guardian's Annual Status Report For A Minor (.rtf)

- ICAR Order (.pdf)

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2014 Legislative Rules Update

May 27, 2014 

Rules Update PowerPoint Presentation (.ppt)

2014 IRCP Fee Schedule - Appendix A (.pdf)

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Unique CP Identification Numbers

March 5, 2014

Webinar Examples of Unique CP Identification Numbers (.pdf)

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Complaints regarding a Guardianship/ Conservatorship

G/C Complaint Process (.pptx)

G/C Complaint Form (.rtf)

Letter re: Courts Action on Complaint about G/C (.rtf)

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October 28-31, 2013

Idaho Institute of Court Management

Access to Court Records

Session Handout (.pdf)


Appeals to the Idaho Supreme Court: A to Z

Session Presentation (.pdf)

Appeals Calendar (.xls)


Changing Role of the Clerk

Session Handout (.pdf)


Child Protection: Case Processing and Repository Requirements

Session Handout (.pdf)


Civil Protection Orders and Domestic Violence

Case Processing (.pptx)

Civil Protection Order & Domestic Violence 101 (.ppt)

Effective Use of Forms (.pptx)


Communicating Effectively in the Courts

Session Presentation (.pdf)


Court Records Management

I.C.A.R. 38. Minimum Standards for Preservation, Destruction, or Disposition of Trial Court Records - Criminal Actions and Infractions (.pdf)

I.C.A.R. 37. Minimum Standards for Preservation, Destruction, or Disposition of Trial Court Records - Civil Actions and Infractions (.pdf)

Idaho State Archive (.pdf)

Scanning and Imaging Guidelines (.pdf)


Criminal Case Processing in the District Court

Session Handout (.pdf)


Criminal Procedures: Expungements, Amended Charges and Withheld Judgments

Session Handout (.pdf)


Customer Service in the Courts

Session Handout (.pdf)


Firearm Restriction Relief

Session Handout (.pdf)


Guardianship/Conservatorship: Case Processing and Monitoring

Session Outline (.pdf)

Conservator's Accounting (.pdf)

Conservator's Inventory (.pdf)

G/C Complaint Procedures (.pdf)

G/C Complaint Form (.pdf)

Overview of Best Practices (.pdf)


Idaho Transportation Department

Session Handout (.pdf)


Outlook Training

Training Follow-up Materials (.pdf)


Problem-Solving Court Cases: ISTARS Data Entry Requirements

Minimum Data Elements (.pdf)



August 20, 2013

Annual Meeting of the Idaho Association of County Recorders and Clerks

- Idaho Courts Update (.pdf) 

- Tyler Technologies (.pdf)

- Court Revenue Breakdown (.pdf)


August 1, 2013

Firearms Restriction/Relief.

- Webinar-File Review (.ppt) 

- 2012 NICS Act Record Improvement Program (NARIP) Materials (.docx)

FAQ - Training on Firearm Restriction-Relief Project (.pdf)

- Helpful Tips - Firearm Restriction-Relief Project (.pdf)


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April 23, 2013

Appellate Records and Appellate Transcripts

Steve Kenyon’s focus of this webinar will be one section on appellate records and another section on appellate transcripts, good information for Court Reporters and Clerks who work on appeals.  Steve Kenyon and his staff will review the rules regarding the preparation of appellate records and transcripts.  This webinar is intended to be for anyone who works on appellate records and court reporters who produce appellate transcripts.

- Clerk's Certificates (.pdf)

- Notice of Lodging (.pdf)

- Records and Transcripts Webinar (.ppt) 

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2012 Idaho Institute for Court Management

Plenary Session Materials

Advancing Justice
PowerPoint Presentation


Change:  The Ultimate Test of Leadership
-PowerPoint Presentation
-View Presentation (.wmv)


Ex-Parte Communication
Canon 3 of Code of Judicial Conduct (.doc)


From "Jee-Golly" to "OMG"- Thriving in the Multigenerational Workplace
PowerPoint Presentation


Communicating With Self-Represented Litigants
-PowerPoint Handouts (.pdf)
-Tips for Helping Others Listen Better (.pdf)
-View Presentation (.wmv)


Breakout Session Materials

Idaho Supreme Court Appeals: What happens after District Court?
PowerPoint Presentation


Conservator/Guardianship Case Processing
-Agenda (.doc)
-2012 G/C Investigation Request (.pdf) 
-Procedure for Requesting Assistance in Locating a G/C or Ward (.doc) 
-Frequently Asked Questions (.doc)


Child Protection Case Processing (Intermediate)
-4KA Detail Handout (.pdf) 
-4KA Summary Handout (.pdf) 
-PowerPoint Presentation 


Mental Commitments/Firearms Restrictions
-Clerks Mental Health Procedures (.doc)
-Temporary Custody Order 66-326 (.doc)
-Involuntary Mental Committment Proceedings PowerPoint
-Treatment and Care of the DD PowerPoint

Forms for the Developmentally Disabled (.doc)
-Application for Committment
-Order of Committment
-Order for Appointment of Committee Eval
-Order for Hearing and Appointment of PD

Forms for the Mentally Ill (.doc)
-Application for Committment
-Order of Committment 
-Dismiss Motion & Order with Costs
-Order of Involuntary Detention & Notice & Appt of PD
-Order of Involuntary Detntion Failed Abeyance
-Post 24-hr Hold Petition 66-326
-Stipulation, Conditions, Order for 30-day Abeyance
-Temporary Custody Order 66-326 


Accessing Information Online
-List of Online Resources and Links (.docx) 


Problem Solving Courts
-Handout re: Treatment & Risk/Need Factors (.pdf)


Application of Rule 32 to Custody, Guardianship & Conservatorship Cases
-Q&A Relating to ICAR 32 Amendments (.docx)
-ICAR 32 (.docx)


Idaho Transportation Department
-PowerPoint Presentation
-Title 49 Motor Vehicles, Ch 14 Traffic Enforcement & General Provisions (.pdf)
-Texting While Driving Statute 


Understanding Victim’s Rights
-ID Constitution Article I Declaration of Rights (.pdf)
-Victim's Rights in Idaho 19-5306 (.pdf)


Intermediate/Advanced Office 2010
-Converting to Office 2010 Excel & PowerPoint (.pdf)
-Coverting to Office 2010 Word & Outlook (.pdf)


Orientation For Magistrate Judges and Deputy Clerks On Newly Required Online Training Course For Guardians And Conservators

June 30, 2011

This is a Webinar Orientation for Magistrate Judges and Deputy Clerks on the new Online Guardian and Conservator Training Course. Successful completion of this course will be required of all prospective guardians and conservators pursuant to new Administrative Rule 54 as of August 1, 2011. Given the mandatory nature of this required training it is imperative that judges and deputy clerks who handle these C&G cases be oriented as to the new Online Training Course, completion of which will be required before a final hearing and the issuance of letters of guardianship and/or conservatorship can be issued by the court.

Presentation PowerPoint

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Webinar for Clerks on the Electronic Appellate Records Project

March 9, 2011

During this webinar Steve will discuss how to get involved, the Court’s plans for the Adobe software, how the records should look, as well as address questions they have received from the district court clerks across the state. Who should attend? Counties participating in the electronic records project as well as any counties who are interested the significant time and cost savings associated with going to electronic appeals records. If you have any specific questions that you would like addressed during this presentation, please email Steve at skenyon@idcourts.netor give his office a call at 334-2210

Electronic Records Webinar

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Legal Advice vs. 
Legal Information

August 13, 2009

Participants will learn about the difference between prohibited legal advice and permissible legal information. Participants will also learnabout Court Assistance Offices and referral to legal resources available in Idaho.

Cali. Clerk Guide on Legal Advice
Grecean Article on Legal Advice
ID's Signage for Clerk Cans & Cannots
Mich. Justice Institute Guide on Legal Advice

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Care & Maintenance of Digital Recording System

July 10, 2009

Participants will learn the basics of working with and maintaining digital recording equipment.

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Appeals to the Idaho Supreme Court

June 11, 2009

Participants will learn aboutappellate filings, as well as fees, Clerks Certificates, public access to transcripts, proper forms for Clerks Record and Reporters Transcript, motions for extension of time, and objections to Transcript and Record.

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