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Idaho Rules of Family Law Procedure Rule 910. Amount of Attorney Fees.

A. Factors to consider.  In the event the court grants attorney fees to a party or parties in a civil action it shall consider the following factors in determining the amount of such fees: 

1. The time and labor required. 


2. The novelty and difficulty of the questions. 


3. The skill requisite to perform the legal service properly and the experience and ability of the attorney in the particular field of law. 


4. The prevailing charges for like work. 


5. Whether the fee is fixed or contingent. 


6. The time limitations imposed by the client or the circumstances of the case. 


7. The amount involved and the results obtained. 


8. The undesirability of the case. 


9. The nature and length of the professional relationship with the client. 


10. Awards in similar cases. 


11. The reasonable cost of automated legal research (Computer Assisted Legal Research), if the court finds it was reasonably necessary in preparing a party's case. 


12. Any other factor which the court deems appropriate in the particular case. 


(Adopted April 2, 2014, effective for early adopters July 1, 2014, effective statewide July 1, 2015.)

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