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Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 84(d). Petition for Judicial Review ñ Contents.

Unless a different procedure is provided by statute, a petition for judicial review from an agency to the district court filed pursuant to this rule shall contain the following information and statement:


(1) The name of the agency for which judicial review is sought.


(2) The title of the district court to which the petition is taken.


(3) Information such as the date and the heading, case caption or other designation of the agency and the action for which judicial review is sought.


(4) A statement whether there was a hearing or oral presentation before the agency that was recorded or reported, together with an identification of the method of recording or reporting the hearing and the name and address of the person with possession of such recording or reporting when there was one.


(5) A statement of the issues for judicial review that the petitioner then intends to assert on judicial review; provided, the statement of issues may be filed separately within fourteen (14) days after the filing of the petition for judicial review and the list of issues in the petition for judicial review shall not prevent the petitioner from asserting other issues later discovered.


(6) A designation as to whether a transcript is requested.


(7) A certification of the attorney of the petitioner, or affidavit of the petitioner representing himself or herself:


(A) That service of the petition has been made upon the state agency or local government rendering the decision; and


(B) That the clerk of the agency has been paid the estimated fee for preparation of the transcript if one has been requested.


(C) That the clerk of the agency has been paid the estimated fee for the preparation of the record.

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