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Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 84(b).  Filing Petition for Judicial Review.

(1) Unless a different time or procedure is prescribed by statute, a petition for judicial review from an agency to district court must be filed with the appropriate district court within twenty-eight (28) days after the agency action is ripe for judicial review under the statute authorizing judicial review, but the time for filing a petition for judicial review is extended as provided in the next sentence.  When the decision to be reviewed is issued by an agency with authority to reconsider its decision, the running of the time for petition for judicial review is suspended by a timely motion for reconsideration, and the full time for petition for judicial review commences to run and is computed from the date of any decision on reconsideration, the date of any decision denying reconsideration, or the date that reconsideration is deemed to be denied by statute by inaction on a petition for reconsideration.  Judicial review is commenced by filing a petition for judicial review with the district court, and the petitioner shall concurrently serve copies of the notice of petition for judicial review upon the agency whose action will be reviewed and all other parties to the proceeding before the agency (if there were parties to the proceeding). Proof of service on the agency and all parties shall be filed with the court in the form required by Rule 5(f).


(2) When a petition for judicial review has been filed the verbatim record or recording of hearings and oral presentations conducted by the agency shall be preserved for purposes of judicial review.

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