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Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 84(a).  Judicial Review of State Agency and Local Government Actions.

(1) Scope of Rule 84.  The procedures and standards of review applicable to judicial review of state agency and local government actions shall be as provided by statute.  When judicial review of an action of a state agency or local government is expressly provided by statute but no stated procedure or standard of review is provided in that statute, then Rule 84 provides the procedure for the district Court's judicial review.  Actions of state agencies or officers or actions of a local government, its officers or its units are not subject to judicial review unless expressly authorized by statute. Rule 84 does not apply to the issuance of writs of mandate, prohibition, quo warranto, certiorari, review, or other common law or equitable writs, but petitions for judicial review under this rule may be filed with or in the alternative to petitions for these common law or equitable writs.


(2) Definitions.  The term "action," "agency," "judicial review," "petitioner" and "respondent" have the following meaning in Rule 84:


(A)"Action" means any rule, order, ordinance or other decision or lack of decision of an agency made reviewable by statute.


(B)"Agency" means any non judicial board, commission, department, or officer for which statute provides for the district court's judicial review of the agency's action.


(C)"Judicial review" means the district court's review pursuant to statute of actions of agencies, whether the statutory term for review is appeal or judicial review or some other term, and the term judicial review includes other terms like appeal.


(D)"Petitioner" means the person seeking judicial review and includes other terms like appellant.


(E)"Respondent" means any person responding to the petitioner's request for judicial review of the agency's actions before the district court, including the agency itself.

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