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Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 83(a). Appeals From Decisions of Magistrates.

An appeal from any final judgment, as defined in Rule 54(a) of the Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure granting or denying a petition for termination of parental rights or granting or denying a petition for adoption must be taken to the Supreme Court in accord with Idaho Appellate Rule 11.1. Otherwise, absent an order allowing a permissive appeal pursuant to Idaho Appellate Rule 12.1, an appeal must first be taken to the district judges division of the district court from any of the following  judgments or orders rendered by a magistrate: 


(1)  A final judgment in a civil action or a special proceeding commenced, or assigned to, the magistrate's division of the district court. 


(2)  Any of the judgments or orders in an action in the magistrate's division which would be appealable from the district court to the Supreme Court under Rule 11 of the Idaho Appellate Rules. 


(3) Domestic Violence Protection Orders issued pursuant to I.C. § 39-6306.


(4) Final judgments entered upon current forms approved by the Idaho Supreme Court.


(5)  Interlocutory orders by permissive appeal accepted by the district court which shall be processed in the same manner as provided by Rule 12 of the Idaho Appellate Rules. 


(6)  Any order, judgment or decree by a magistrate in a special proceeding for which an appeal is provided by statute. 


Provided, however, that whenever an attorney magistrate is assigned by an order issued pursuant to Rule 82(c)(4) or Rule 82(c)(5) to hear any action which may otherwise be tried only by a district judge, any appeal taken from a judgment of such magistrate acting under such order shall be made to the Supreme Court of Idaho, unless otherwise provided by the original order of assignment. 


(Amended effective July 1, 1977; amended March 31, 1978, effective July 1, 1978; amended March 20, 1985, effective July 1, 1985; amended April 2, 2015, effective April 15, 2015.)

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