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Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 51(a)(2). Use of Idaho Jury Instructions (IDJI).

Whenever the latest edition of Idaho Jury Instructions (IDJI) contains an instruction applicable to a case and the trial judge determines that the jury should be instructed on the subject, it is recommended that the judge use the IDJI instruction unless the judge finds that a different instruction would more adequately, accurately or clearly state the law. Whenever the latest edition of IDJI does not contain an instruction on a subject upon which the trial judge determines that the jury should be instructed, or when an IDJI instruction cannot be modified to submit the issue properly, the instruction given on that subject should be simple, brief, impartial and free from argument. When an instruction requested by a party is a modified IDJI instruction, the party should indicate therein, by use of parentheses or other appropriate means, the respect in which it is modified. 

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