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Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 4(g). Return.

Proof of service of process shall be in writing specifying the manner of service, the date and place of service and unless the party served files an appearance the return must be filed with the court: 

(1)  If service is made by a sheriff or deputy sheriff, or any peace officer or court marshall, anywhere within the state of Idaho, then by certificate of the officer indicating service as required by these rules. 


(2)  If service is by any person other than those specified in (1) above, then by affidavit of such person indicating the person is over the age of 18 years and service as required by these rules. 


(3)  If service is by mailing, not requiring proof of receipt, then by affidavit of mailing by a person over the age of 18 years who mailed such service indicating the documents mailed and the date and address to which they were mailed. 


(4)  If service is by certified or registered mail, then by affidavit of a person over the age of 18 years who mailed such process together with postal receipts indicating whether the person received the service of process by mail. 


(5)  If service is by publication, then by affidavit of the publisher of the newspaper, or the publisher's designated agent over the age of 18 years, stating the dates of publication and attaching a true copy of the publication. 


(6)  In lieu of any of the above, the party's acknowledged written admission that service of process was received, as provided by rule 4(d)(6). 


(7)  The return of service shall list and identify all documents served. 


(Amended effective July 1, 1977; amended March 23, 1990, effective July 1, 1990; amended August 22, 1990, effective August 22, 1990.)

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