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Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 47(k). Exercise of Peremptory Challenges.

Peremptory challenges shall be exercised alternatively, one (1) at a time, by the parties; first by the plaintiff, then by the defendant, and then by any other party as prescribed by the court. All peremptory challenges shall be exercised as directed by the court but in such manner so as not to indicate to the panel which party exercised a peremptory challenge. Any juror whose name is selected to replace a peremptorily challenged juror shall first be examined for challenges for cause before continuing with the peremptory challenges, except when all prospective jurors have been previously passed or challenged for cause. Any party who waives a peremptory challenge shall be deemed to have waived only that particular peremptory challenge and may subsequently exercise any remaining challenges as to any juror; provided, if all parties consecutively waive their peremptory challenges, the trial jury shall be deemed accepted by the parties and any remaining peremptory challenges are waived. 


(Amended December 19, 1975, effective January 1, 1976; amended March 28, 1986, effective July 1, 1986.)

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