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Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 3(a). Commencement of Action.

A civil action is commenced by the filing of a complaint, petition or application with the court.  Any filing party shall be designated as the plaintiff or petitioner, and any party against whom the same is filed shall be designated as the defendant or respondent.  Complaints, petitions or applications shall be filed with a completed Supreme Court approved case information sheet in the following civil cases: guardianship, conservatorship, adoption, termination of parental rights, involuntary commitment, and child protection act.  This case information sheet shall be exempt from disclosure according to I.C.A.R. 32.  No claim,  controversy or dispute, may be submitted to any court in the state for determination or judgment without filing a complaint or petition or application as provided in these rules; nor shall any judgment or decree be entered by any court without service of process upon all parties affected by such judgment or decree in the manner prescribed by these rules.


(Amended March 17, 2006, effective July 1, 2006; amended November 25, 2013, effective January 1, 2014; amended March 9, 2015, effective July 1, 2015.)

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