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Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 26(b)(4)(C). Fees of Expert - Apportionment.

Unless manifest injustice would result, (i) the court shall require that the party seeking discovery pay the expert a reasonable fee for time spent in responding to discovery under subdivisions (b)(4)(A)(ii) and (b)(4)(B) of this rule; and, in the event discovery is obtained by deposition under (b)(4)(A)(i) of this rule, the party seeking discovery shall pay the expert a reasonable fee for time spent testifying at said deposition; and (ii) with respect to  discovery obtained under subdivision (b)(4)(A)(ii) of this rule the court may require, and with respect to discovery obtained under subdivision (b)(4)(B) of this rule the court shall require, the party seeking discovery to pay the other party a fair portion of the fees and expenses reasonably incurred by the latter party in obtaining facts and opinions from the expert. 


(Amended April 4, 2008, effective July 1, 2008)


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