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Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure Rule ll(b)(5). Limited Pro Bono Appearance.

In accordance with the Idaho Rules of Professional Conduct 1.2( c), an attorney may appear to provide pro bono assistance to an otherwise pro se party in one or more individual proceedings in an action. An attorney making a limited pro bono appearance must file and serve on the opposing party a notice of limited appearance prior to or simultaneous with the proceeding or proceedings, specifying all matters that are to be undertaken on behalf of the party. The attorney shall have no authority to act on behalf of the party on any matter not specified in the notice or any properly filed and served amendment thereto. Service on an attorney who has made a limited appearance for a party shall be valid only in connection with the specific proceedings for which the attorney has appeared, including any hearing or trial at which the attorney appeared and any subsequent motions for presentation of orders. Upon the conclusion of the matters specified for the attorney's limited appearance, the attorney shall file a notice of completion of limited appearance with the court. Upon such filing, the attorney's role terminates without the necessity of leave of the court.


(Adopted November 30, 2011, effective January 1, 2012.)

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